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What is the Script Database?

The Script Database is a system where users can search or browse bibliographical data on the scripts and screenplays collected so far.
The Consortium for the Promotion of Broadcast Script Archives in Japan (Representative Director: Shunsaku Ikehata) is engaged in transferring scripts and screenplays to public institutions for preservation.
As of 2017 we have accepted the donation of roughly 80,000 scripts, screenplays, and materials.
They are made public after classification and data input. (At present the details of 69,891 items are publicly available, excluding copies.)

※Please refrain from the reproduction or appropriation of any information in the database, except where permitted by copyright law and other relevant laws.

Project Commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

The publication of this database is part of the 'Survey and Research into the Construction of Archives of Cultural Materials-towards archive construction for broadcast scripts and screenplays' which is a project commissioned by the Japanese government's Agency for Cultural Affairs.


The Consortium does not allow public access to the original scripts, screenplays or other materials.
Please send any questions or inquiries regarding the Script Database to the email address shown below.
Japan Screenplay Archives Promotion Consortium