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WriterTSUJI Masaki
BroadcasterFuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date[1968]/7/11
Broadcasting times24
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisWanpaku Tanteidan、 Boy’s Detective Team An elusive notorious thief named Kaijin Nijumenso (phantom with 20 faces) has appeared. The thief always sends a warning before he commits a crime and steals valuable art works by daring means.Wanpaku Tanteidan (mischievous detective team) is a boy-and-girl team organized under the great detective Kogoro Akechi to investigate the cases of Nijumenso.The team is consisted of the following: Kobayashi、 the team leader and a boy with a vigorous sense of justice; Chibichin、 a master of sling and is the first to report the suspicion of crime ; Mametan、 a scholarly inventor and a treasury of wisdom; Debuton、 a food lover and an animal tamer; Suteyan、 the team’s driver; and Otoko、 the coordinator of the team.Using their expertise、 they face and solve many difficult cases. Although they are outdone by Nijumenso、 who is a master of disguise、 they never let their failures discourage them. Time and time again、 they corner Nijumenso and succeed in recovering the stolen items、 but the thief always gets away. After solving many cases、 they finally hunt down Nijumenso、 but a huge explosion occurs making them lose sight of him. They could not find Nijumenso from the burned-out site. Expecting him to return someday、 they go on to solve a new difficult case together with Kogoro Akechi to acquire the strength to capture Nijumenso next time for sure.This program was produced by Mushi Production in 1968 as an anime adaptation of the Shonen Tantei Dan (Boy Detectives Club) series written by Rampo Edogawa.
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