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NASU Machiko
WriterNASU Machiko
On Air date2004/Unknown/Unknown
Screens versionthird edition script
Transfer destinationNational Film Archive of Japan
SynopsisDebiruman (Devilman)While exploring the Himalayas、 Dr. Fudo and his son Akira witness demons trapped in ice trying to come back to life. The two are killed there. In order to eradicate the human race and regain control of the earth、 the demons make the spirit of Devilman、 their hero、 enter into Akira Fudo’s body and make him the leader of their campaign to conquer the world. However、 Devilman、 now Akira Fudo、 falls in love with his cousin Miki Makimura、 abandons his original role、 and starts protecting people from the demons. The demons send assassin after assassin to kill Devilman、 whom they consider a traitor、 and thus Devilman is constantly embroiled in a fight with his fellow race. Each episode stands alone and usually involves Akira Fudo shouting “devil!”、 transforming into Devilman、 and combating various monsters to protect humans. In the original、 however、 the father of Akira Fudo’s friend Ryo Asuka studies demons、 attempts to unite himself with a demon、 but eventually commits suicide through fear of himself gradually changing into a demon. Akira Fudo just happens to witness Ryo Asuka’s father’s research、 unintentionally succeeds in uniting himself with Amon (Devilman)、 a demon hero、 and becomes Devilman.Although the original version and the anime version share some common settings、 the anime version features independent episodes and offers a clear story that even children can follow、 whereas the original version’s story is a conceptual one involving the intentions of God and demons.
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