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Broadcaster[Fuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.]
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times55
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisPoru no Mirakuru Daisakusen (Paul’s Miraculous Adventures)Paul gets a cuddly toy from his parents for his 10th birthday、 and also gets a choker from his girlfriend Nina. Paul puts the choker on the cuddly toy and names it Pakkun.That night、 a fairy from another world enters into Pakkun、 and Pakkun takes Paul、 Nina、 and her dog Doppe to a strange world.Anything is possible in this strange world: they can fly、 and Doppe can talk in human tongue. Paul and his companions have a fantastic time、 visiting places with lots of snacks and toys、 among others.However、 the evil Beltosatan appears and carries off Nina.Paul tries to confront Beltosatan to get Nina back、 but the powers of Pakkun、 who had brought them to the strange world、 disappear as the clock strikes twelve.Paul and Doppe are forced to return to their world without Nina. In order to rescue her、 they use Pakkun’s powers to travel to the strange world numerous times.In his adventures、 Paul learns that they themselves were the reason why Beltosatan had come back to life、 so he decides to save Nina and restore peace to the strange world by defeating Beltosatan.Starting in 1976、 50 episodes were broadcast、 and the series appeared in other media as well. For example、 in the 1980’s、 the adventure video game Poru no Mirakuru Dai Gemu (Paul’s Miracle Big Game)、 which featured footage and audio material from the TV series、 was released in VHD format.
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