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WriterTORIUMI Jinzo
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times6
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisKerokko Demetan (Ayumu Morita)Demetan is a tree frog、 and the pond where he lives is attacked by newts. Having lost his siblings、 Demetan moves to Rainbow Pond with his parents.Demetan cannot even go to school because he has to help his parents、 who run a toy shop. One day、 he meets Ranatan、 whose family of leopard frogs controls Rainbow Pond; she teaches Demetan how to read、 and the two get intimate.However、 Ranatan’s father Giyata does not approve of Demetan、 and he and his henchmen Ibokichi and Kichar repeatedly harass Demetan so as to separate him from Ranatan.Demetan and Ranatan do not give in to Giyata’s harassment. Giyata forces the pond’s residents to pay tribute to him、 and Demetan and Ranatan hope to make Rainbow Pond a better place to live.The reason why Giyata receives tribute from the pond’s residents、 however、 is because he fears the wrath of Namazunyudo、 a giant catfish living in Rainbow Pond、 and does what the catfish says.Learning about the relationship between Namazunyudo and Giyata、 Demetan ponders about what he should do. But once he learns that Namazunyudo intends to make Ranatan his own、 Demetan decides to confront the catfish to save her.Impressed by Demetan’s resolve、 Giyata turns a new leaf、 and with the help of Giyata and the other residents of the pond、 Demeta succeeds in defeating Namazunyudo.Thus、 peace is restored to Rainbow Pond.
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