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WriterOTA Ai
BroadcasterFuji Television Network、 inc
On Air date[2003]/Unknown/Unknown
Broadcasting times13
Screens versionfinal manuscript
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisTetsuwan Atomu、 Astro BoyThe story is set in a future where technology has developed significantly. Drawing on the full resources of the Ministry of Science、 Dr. Tenma creates a robot modeled after his only son Tobio、 who died in an accident.Robots are not human、 however、 and Dr. Tenma、 regretting that the robot does not grow like his late son、 disposes of it in deep grief.Professor Ochanomizu、 the new director of the Ministry of Science、 finds the robot and names it Astro. Together with the professor、 Astro experiences many things in the human world.As a result、 Astro interacts with many people and robots and deepens the bond with them、 growing into a robot with a soul.In the process、 Astro uses his many functions and 100、000 horsepower strength to protect those dear to him from the crimes committed by robots and evil humans、 and is accepted by many people and robots.Society has evolved to a place where humans and robots can live in harmony. However、 a big change occurs in the sun’s orbit、 which will cause the earth to be burned down and life to be annihilated from the face of the earth.The Ministry of Science immediately implements measures to counter the threat in various countries、 developing a special rocket capable of changing the sun’s orbit.Astro is given the mission of launching the rocket from space. Loading the rocket on a spaceship、 Astro rushes to an area from which he can launch the rocket at the sun.On the way there、 however、 a malfunction occurs and makes it impossible to launch the rocket. In order to save those dear to him、 Astro uses his own jet function to propel himself and the rocket into the sun.As one of Japan’s first animation series、 this ending caused much controversy.
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