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WriterMATSUDA Shozo
BroadcasterFuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date[1981/1/4]
Broadcasting times1
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisKazoku Robinson Hyoryuki Fushigi na Shima no Furone、 Flone on the Marvelous Island In 1813、 Ernest Robinson、 a private doctor、 together with his wife Anna and their three children—Franz、 the oldest son、 Flone、 the oldest daughter、 and Jack、 the youngest son—travel by sea to move to Australia where shortage of doctors has become a serious problem.However、 their ship runs into a huge storm and gets stranded.The passengers and crews evacuate using the rescue boats、 but by ill fortune、 Flone and her family get left behind on the ship.They make a raft using the materials on the ship and manage to successfully reach an island nearby. But it was an uninhabited island where dangerous beasts live.Flone and her family spend their days on the uninhabited island while searching for a way to escape from it. But new castaways、 an experienced navigator named Morton and a sailor apprentice named Tam Tam、 appear before them.Morton、 who is a stubborn and difficult person、 only trusts Tam Tam at first、 and this makes the Robinson family leery of him. But after many conflicts、 they build a trusting relationship. While they live on the island by helping each other、 they experience several earthquakes.These earthquakes make the Robinson family decide that there is not much time left before the island’s volcano erupts. So、 to escape from the island、 they work together and build a boat and set off into the ocean.The voyage was extremely difficult、 but they unite and overcome it. And at last、 they find the land of Australia over the horizon. They have survived.
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