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WriterTSUJI Masaki
Broadcaster[Fuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.]
On Air date[1965/11/24]
Broadcasting times9
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisJanguru Taitei、 The Jungle Emperor The white lion Panja 、 king of the jungle in deep Africa、 is shot dead by poachers. His wife Eliza is captured and put on a ship to be taken to a zoo. On the way、 she gives birth to Panja’s son、 the white lion Leo.Persuaded by Eliza to return to Africa、 Leo escapes from his cage、 parts with his mother、 and heads to Africa swimming. But he is caught in a storm and saved by a boat passing by. After reaching a port、 he is entrusted to a boy named Kenichi and starts living among humans.One year later、 Leo is sent back to Africa. However、 the destination is not the jungle but a safari park run by humans. Learning this、 Leo escapes from the park and travels across the vast savannah to get to the jungle.Though pursued by poachers and placed in a harsh environment、 Leo manages to get to the jungle.In the jungle、 Leo and his friends try to solve various issues that arise between humans and animals.Leo is troubled by the ordeals of nature、 harshness of life in the wild、 and human greed、 and at times loses confidence in his own judgment. However、 he is supported by his many friends and the love of the lioness Lyre 、 a childhood friend、 and grows into a great protector of the jungle just like his father Panja.The second series revolves around Leo’s adult life、 in which he marries Lyre and has two cubs、 the male Lune and female Lukio 、 and the childhood days of the cubs. Lune later succeeds his father as king of the jungle.
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