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WriterMIYAKE Naoko
BroadcasterTV Asahi
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times40
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisMajokko ChikkuruTiko Komori is a fifth grader in elementary school. Her only best friend Miyo has moved to Hokkaido、 and she is feeling depressed. But one day、 when Tiko opens a pretty picture book she has found by chance、 a girl being pursued by a monster in the book asks for Tiko’s help.When Tiko makes an incantation as the girl in the picture book、 Tickle、 says、 Tickle jumps out of the book.Tickle says that she is a witch and has been trapped in a picture book because of her mischievous behavior. Using her magical powers、 Tickle becomes a member of the Komori family as Tiko’s twin sister.Tickle often causes trouble with her magic and is scolded by Tiko. But the two also solve cases together、 and as Tickle gets to know the people around her better she begins to use her magic to help others.Tickle and Tiko gradually become friends and are called the lucky pair、 but then King Ojama comes from the magic world to take Tickle back there.King Ojama warns Tickle that witches should not live in the human world and tries to persuade her to return、 but Tickle wants to remain in the human world.Reluctantly、 King Ojama tries to ruin Tickle’s life in the human world by causing various disputes and blaming Tickle for them.Not wanting to cause any more trouble to her family and friends、 Tickle tells them that she is a witch and that the magic world exists in a picture book. She also tells them that if the picture book ceases to exist she would become a normal human being. But Tickle still wants to live in the human world.King Ojama gives up trying to take Tickle back、 and after that Tickle lives as a normal human being as a member of the Komori family.
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