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WriterSUZUKI Yumiko
BroadcasterNagoya Broadcasting Network
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times8
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
Synopsis[Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ]The year is Universal Century 0088. After the annihilation of the Titans in the three-way war “Gryps Conflict、” the Anti-Earth Union Group lost most of its “mobile suits” pilots and failed to hold any real power in the Earth Federation. On the other hand、 the remnants of the Principality of Zeon - the “Axis、” as a result of its early retreat from the war、 retain most of its power. To dominate the Earth’s Sphere、 under the name “Descendants of Zeon、” Haman Karn established “Neo Zeon” and initiated what later known as the “First Neo Zeon War.”In an attempt to escape from Neo Zeon’s pursuit、 AEUG’s battleship – the “Argama” – landed on “Shangri-La” – a space colony launched for space development projects. There、 the group met Judau Ashta、 a “Newtype” – human with super ability essences. Having seen the potential to become pilots from Judau and his friends、 the group asked Judau to cooperate with AEUG.As the war dragged on、 Neo Zeon threatened Earth Federation by dropping space colonies onto Earth. As a condition in the ceasefire treaty、 Neo Zeon demanded the Earth Federation to hand over “Side 3” – the birthplace of the Principality of Zeon. As the war was coming to an end、 Glemy Toto stepped forward and sparked the Neo Zeon Civil War which dragged Neo Zeon to its demise. The First Neo Zeon War ended with Judau and his friends driving the latest mobile suits – the “Gundam ZZ” – to kill Glemy and defeat Haman who lost her armies、 bring victories to AEUG. The story ended with Judau condemning the adults who have involved children in the war and the leaders of AEUG reflecting on their mistakes.
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