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WriterKISHIMA Nobuaki
BroadcasterFuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date[1998/8/9]
Broadcasting times47
Transfer destinationWarehouse(in Storage)
SynopsisChuka Ichiban!、 Cooking Master Boy In the last days of Qing Dynasty in the 19th century、 many chefs were competing in the mastery of Chinese cuisine which has a history of 4、000 years.One day、 a thirteen-year-old boy named Liu Mao Xing、 as known as Mao、 wins the battle held to choose the new master chef of Kikkaro、 one of the best restaurants in Szechuan province.General Lee finds out that Mao is the son of the genius chef Pai and encourages Mao to obtain the qualification to become the Super Chef、 the highest rank in the world of Chinese cooking. To train for the test held once in four years、 Mao goes to Guangzhou of Guangdong province. There、 he meets various types of chefs and makes progress.After hard training、 Mao passes the most difficult test by using the experience he acquired through training and by using his extraordinary sense of taste and creative power. And he becomes the youngest Super Chef.Although he succeeds in becoming a Super Chef、 Mao gets involved in the battles with the chefs of the Dark Cooking Society to win the legendary cooking utensils. The legend says that you will become immortal if you eat the food cooked using all eight legendary utensils.The final battle with the Dark Cooking Society is at the cooking battle held in the presence of the emperor. But there he finds his archrival Fei whose mind is controlled by the Dark Cooking Society.Mao overcomes the vile traps and conspiracy of the Dark Cooking Society using his remarkable cooking skills. At the end、 Mao captures the heart of the emperor and grabs victory.After that、 he sets out on a journey along with his friends including Fei、 whose mind control was undone、 to find and collect the legendary cooking utensils before the Dark Cooking Society gets to them.The original work is a popular manga created by Etsushi Ogawa、 which was serialized in Shonen Magazine . This popular work was later adapted into a drama in China.
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